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The Robert Grey ABA Center

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At Robert Grey, we see things differently. Children get to engage in a half or full day pre-school-like setting while reaping the benefits of immersive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, which is often covered through your health insurance. We provide ABA autism therapy, social skill support, lots of opportunities for peer interaction, and a focus on improving quality of life for the whole family system. We believe this approach enables children with autism - and their families - to thrive.

The Robert Grey Difference

We’re all about balance.

Both in our approach to learning and in supporting families. We believe this allows children to make great progress while also helping improve quality of life for the whole family system. We’re committed to meeting children where they are so we can help them meet new milestones, acquire new skills and learn how to use them in a wide variety of situations, all in a fun, nurturing and family-oriented environment.

How we stack up: 

Traditional ABA Center The Robert Grey Center Educational Settings
Clinicians on Staff
Certified Teachers
Science-Based ABA Therapy
School-Readiness Expertise
Opportunity to Generalize Skills

Little to none


Children's strengths are highlighted and leaned into as a way to help generalize new skills and support increased opportunities for social opportunities.


Opportunities are developed for mainstream and children with autism are expected to want to fit in.

What Parents Are Saying

"When our son was diagnosed with Autism, we didn’t know where to begin! We learned how to communicate and engage with our son, and felt supported throughout our personal journey. We were able to provide our son with an environment in which he could thrive and succeed." 


Diane Moore
Parent and MSN, APRN-BC

"My daughter has ASD, ADHD, severe anxiety, and other diagnoses that can make life pretty difficult to navigate. Bethany meets her where she is and has taught her coping skills and independence. Bethany has a way of really building up a child’s confidence."


Rachel Kaplan
Autism Parent

"Bethany came highly recommended to me when my son was out of school for 6 weeks due to a failed placement. Bethany sets goals and takes the important and sometimes difficult steps necessary to reach that goal. She is a good listener, open, honest and realistic in her planning and approach."


Diane Vaughn
Robert's Mom

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